Career Exploration


What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?
Monster Ad: When I Grow Up

Career Planning: Interests, Skills, Values

Defining Success

Jack Canfield: Choosing a Career

Your Calling
Meaning of Life

How to Find Your Passion

Why People Give Up On Their Dreams

Don't Follow Your Passion, Do Something Valuable

Purpose and Passion

Getting Started

Establishing Your Goal
Your College Experience: Extracurricular Activities

Finding the Perfect Job
Daniel Pink: Choosing a Major

Poverty, Money and Love



Job Search Strategies

How to Get an Interview
Demystifying the Recruiting Process
How to Call a Hiring Manager

Managing Your Career Campaign

The Hidden Job Market

How to be an Effective Networker

Insiders: Hot Contacts

Networking: Utilizing Your Contacts

Networking and Prospecting

Networking: Warm Contacts

Human Resources Department
Go Directly to the Hiring Manager
Skip the HR Department

Prospecting Techniques

Prospecting: Cold Contacts
Secrets to Job Hunt Success

Joining Your Professional Society

Get a Better Career

Working a Career Fair

Using Newspaper and Internet Ads

Employment Agencies

Job Search: Traditional vs Progressive


Resume Writing

Writing a Winning Resume
Customize Your Cover Letter
Top Five Resume Mistakes to Avoid
How to Write a Great Resume
Resume Writing Tricks

What Employers Look For in a Resume

Interview Preparation

Interview Questions: Examples of Good Interview Answers
Job Search Minute by Brian Krueger: Various Interview Tips
Job Interview as a Performance
Interview Preparation

Job Interview Questions and Answers
Ten Principles of a Great Conversation
The Art of the Phone Interview
Tell Me About Yourself
Interview Do's and Don'ts

Interview Tips (Part 1)
Interview Tips (Part 2)
Interview Tips (Part 3)

Communicate Your Strengths
How to Ace the Job Interview
Questions to Ask During a Job Interview
How to Respond to Inappropriate Interview Questions

Dressing for the Job Interview
Creating an Employment Portfolio

Workplace Issues

How to Survive the First 90 Days on the Job
New Job Tips

Millennials in the Workplace

Keep Your Career Moving

Ten Things Employers Want From a New Hire

US News & World Report: Career Advice

Salary Negotiation Advice

Career Topics


Larry Smith: Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career
Funny Job Interviews

Jack Canfield: Create Your Attitude

How to Survive Your 9 to 5 Job

Brendon Burchard: How to Get Ahead

Steve Jobs: Rules for Success

Pursuit of Happyness

Top Reasons You Work a Dead End Job

In Good Company

Les Brown: Why People Fail

Cold Calling: Scene From Pursuit of Happyness

How to Lose Your Job

Michael Litt: Why You Have to Fail to Have a Great Career

Brendon Burchard: How Successful People Think

Lessons on Life

Success in Life: Where Focus Goes Energy Flows

Funny Moments From Motivational Speeches

I Love My Job

Scott Dinsmore: How to Find and Do Work You Love

Great Attitude at Work: Funny Story

Funny: Boss Calls in Sick

Fun in the Workplace