Job Posting Instructions for Employers


An effective job announcement presents the relevant information in a clear, organized, and understandable manner. Additionally, it is uses language that is promotional so as to attract good candidates. The typical job announcement should contain the following basic components: Name of company, job title, job description, qualifications, and contact information.



To avoid posting a “blind” ad, it is necessary that the name of the company or organization be clearly disclosed. The company’s name may be accompanied by the location or physical address (City and State) and website address.



The title of the position should be plainly stated.  For better response, the job title should be descriptive rather than generic. An additional notation might indicate whether the position is fulltime, part-time, temporary, or an internship.



The duties and responsibilities of the position should be clearly summarized in the announcement. An organized overview of the job functions should be itemized and concise but not overly detailed.  The description should state typical tasks and expectations and generally describe what the candidate will be doing on the job.


A job description might also include: name of department, to whom the person reports, working conditions.



The qualifications and technical requirements of the position should be itemized in a concise manner. Job qualifications might include such prerequisites as education, experience, skills, and personal traits.


Educational requirements might be expressed in such terms as: credentials, diploma, certificate, degree, academic major, coursework, subject matter, training, grade point average, basic knowledge.


Requirements related to experience might be expressed in such terms as: type of previous work, previous work setting or industry, previous activities, length of service.


Work-related skills and technical proficiencies may include: business, managerial, supervisory, selling, administrative, financial, clerical, organizational, planning, analytical, interpersonal, language, engineering, writing, research, art, creative, math, science, computer.


Qualifications may also express a desire for certain personal traits: self-motivated, outgoing, quick learner, team player, ambitious, self-starter, responsible, trustworthy, competitive, dependable.


It might be necessary to state qualifications in terms of the necessary level of proficiency by using descriptive verbiage: interest in, exposure to, familiarity with, proficiency with, fluent, extensive, thorough, strong, excellent. 


It may also be helpful to state the extent to which a particular qualification might be desired: preferred, required, mandatory, desired, helpful, a plus.



To enhance the attractiveness of the announcement, an ad may include a brief description of the company and references to the training program, flexible scheduling, advancement potential, salary, and benefits. 


It may also be necessary to include a note regarding citizenship requirements.


It is often helpful to include instructions about the application procedure and the deadline to submit the application.



Ads are perceived as more legitimate when they contain contact information.  All ads should include the name of the person to contact for more information. Contact data may include mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and/or e-mail address.  An ad that simply directs applicants to a website address is not advisable.



Job announcements should also not include any discriminatory or biased language. It is inappropriate, unethical, and in many cases illegal, to solicit candidates based on features such as race, color, gender, nationality, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation.


Basic Job Posting Template

Name of Company:     

Job/Position Title:        

Job Description:               

Job Qualifications:

Optional Notes:        

Contact Information:  


Sample Job Description

Name of Company: Aardvark Company

Job Title: Store Manager


Description:  Oversee business operations, supervise staff, coordinate sales, and ensure effective customer service. Responsible   for staff training and development, inventory control,  merchandising, and sales reports.


Qualifications: Bachelor degree in management and 2 years managerial experience required. Experience in sales and customer  service preferred. Proficiency with HR functions and inventory control helpful. Strong supervisory and administrative skills needed.


Notes: Potential for advancement to District Manager. Annual salary range: $60-80 K.  Benefits include medical insurance, quarterly bonuses, and employee discounts.



Joe Smith, Regional Manager

Aardvark Company

123 Corporate Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30303

(404) 555-1234



Job Qualifications Samples



General knowledge of effective selling techniques. Understanding of principles of customer service. Strong interpersonal and presentation skills. Excellent relationship building abilities. Strong organization and planning skills. Ambitious and self motivated. Outgoing personality. Assertive but friendly.



Basic knowledge of business operation. Understanding of principles of management. Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills. Excellent leadership abilities. Strong organization and planning skills. Excellent supervisory and administrative abilities. Responsible and mature.



General knowledge of research techniques. Understanding of various research methods and tools. Familiarity with library and on-line resources. Strong analytical and investigative skills. Excellent writing and reporting abilities. Strong organization and planning skills. Meticulous and thorough. Attention to detail.



Basic knowledge of effective marketing and promotion techniques. Understanding of principles of customer service and client relations. Strong interpersonal and presentation skills. Excellent writing abilities. Strong event and campaign organization, planning and coordination skills. Excellent creative abilities. Ambitious and self motivated. Outgoing personality.



knowledge of effective teaching techniques. Understanding of educational research and theory. Strong interpersonal and presentation skills. Excellent classroom management abilities. Strong organization and planning skills. Excellent instructional and facilitative abilities. Caring personality. Firm but compassionate.



Basic knowledge of financial concepts. Understanding of principles of finance, money, budgeting, banking, and investments. Strong mathematical and quantitative skills. Excellent problem-solving abilities. Strong planning skills. Efficient and meticulous. Attention to detail.



knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles. Understanding of basic bookkeeping, financial reports, tax preparation, and auditing. Strong administrative and clerical skills. Excellent technical and analytical abilities. Strong organization and planning skills. Conscientious and diligent. Attention to detail.




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