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Posted here are promotional materials, administrative notes, and a variety of resources to be used by the members of the Alabama Connection Team.  Included here are forms, information, and tools for event-planning purposes.

Welcome to the 22nd Anniversary of Alabama Connection! 
This yearís Graduate & Professional School Expo promises to be an exciting and worthwhile event!  We are anticipating the best year ever!  And with your good planning and hard work, thereís no doubt itíll be wonderful!  Many thanks to all our team members who have already done so much of the critical preliminary work!

labama Connection Team members can visit this hidden page for team tools and internal communication regarding the planning, preparation, promotion, and presentation of this year's statewide weeklong Graduate & Professional School Expo.  Important notes, reminders, and resources can be found here.
Good luck to all the hardworking Alabama Connection team members at each location!  Have fun!

AlaConn Team Member Contact List


As the date of this major annual event draws near, mass publicity should be in place.  Please post lots of flyers around your campus as early as possible.  Give your students lots of good advance warning on the arrival of this event. Get the word out early using a variety of media (flyers, e-mail, class announcements, banners, etc.). Delayed or light promotion can easily kill this event. You can obtain your flyers by clicking on the link below.

General Publicity Materials
Press Release
QR Code
Send E-Mail to Public Relations Chair  



This year we have updated the look of the website.  The newly revised website should have a cleaner, fresher, more streamlined appearance.  Hopefully it will also be more user-friendly.


Last year, we added a new on-line registration feature.  Recruiters and reps can now register easily and quickly via the website.  They can pay by check/invoice or by credit card.


The Alabama Connection website is intended to be a one-stop location for students and recruiters alike. 


Recruiters can visit the website and click on the Recruiter Link to register for the Grad School Expo as a participating admissions representative. 


Students can visit the website and click on the Student link to obtain information about attending the local Grad School Expo in their area.  There is also a link that students can click on to access a wealth of graduate school preparation resources.


Remember, any graduate or professional school representative who calls you with questions about the event can easily gain access to all the information he or she needs by simply visiting our website. Please refer all interested recruiters and representatives directly to our official website for everything they need to register for the event. There is no reason to obtain their name or address in order to mail them an invitation. All they need to do is go to our website. Help facilitate this process with any and all callers you encounter.


Also, please create a link from your school's website to the Alabama Connection website. Create one link for both recruiters and students.

Send E-Mail to Website Manager


Any accounting-related questions you might have should be addressed to out State Treasurer, Tangela Rutledge (at Alabama A&M).  She can assist you with any concerns you might have about expenses and reimbursement.

Send E-Mail to Treasurer
Allocation Request Form
Check Request Form


It is important to solicit feedback our visiting recruiters as to the quality of our event.  For that purpose, we have provided official evaluation forms for you to use.  Remember to distribute and collect these forms at each site and to utilize an overall evaluation form at the last site.

Site Evaluation Form
Overall Evaluation Form


As the team members in each location (or site) meet to begin planning their local event and making arrangements for their specific grad school expo, determining the tasks and duties will become critical. Assigning the tasks and duties will, of course, become even more critical.

Posted here for use by the coordinators and team members at each site is a sample duties checklist. Feel free to use this template as a guideline for creating your own checklist for your particular site.  Not all items on the checklist will apply to all sites.  Adapt this template to the specific needs of your site.

Sample Duties Checklist



A door prize is to be given out at each site at the end of the event. The prize is awarded to one of the recruiters or reps and usually decided by a drawing. Each site is given $100 to be used for a cash prize.  Each site may decide whether to award one prize ($100) or two prizes ($50) or four prizes ($25).  The winner of the door prize should sign a receipt.


Door Prize Receipt

All student attendees are asked to sign in as they arrive for the event.  It is helpful to identify which school they represent.  Site coordinators may want to use a separate sign-in sheet for each local school.

Sign In Sheet

In case you need to distribute extra copies of the official parking permit to any of your visiting recruiters, click here.


Parking Permit


Here is the design for the postcard that is sent out to all of the recruiters each year. 


Post Card Design




Any questions you have about the overall event (registration, logistics, locations) should be directed to Clint Lovelace (Auburn University) who is the contact person for inquiries from the public.


E-Mail to State Coordinator

Any questions you have about our mailing list should be directed to Tammy White at University of West Alabama.


E-Mail to Database Manager

Any questions you have about the registration process (particularly regarding payment) should be directed to Tangela Rutledge at Alabama A&M.


E-Mail to Treasurer

Any questions you have about publicity or our website should be directed to Michael Lebeau at Birmingham-Southern College.


Send E-Mail to Public Relations Chair







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